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Discover Kids' Jiu-Jitsu for a Fun and Supportive Learning Experience

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Building Confidence, Discipline, and Fun!

Young Champions Kids Program at Gracie Barra Dana Point

At Gracie Barra, we believe that martial arts can have a profoundly positive impact on a child’s growth and character.

Our Kids Program, designed for kids aged 3-15, focuses on instilling essential values like concentration, discipline, persistence, teamwork, and respect. We provide an environment that’s both challenging and nurturing, encouraging children to develop not just as martial arts champions but as champions in life.

The discipline and excellence they gain from consistent GB Jiu-Jitsu practice extend beyond our training mats, positively affecting their behavior at home and in school.

When your child participates in our program, they’re not just learning a sport – they’re building a strong and admirable character.

gracie barra kids jiu jitsu
family jiu jitsu Dana Point
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Discover Unmatched Benefits at Gracie Barra Dana Point

We Build Building Strong, Confident & Resilient Kids

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Learning discipline through Jiu-Jitsu is a cornerstone of Gracie Barra Dana Point. We're here to help you set, pursue, and achieve meaningful goals, embedding life skills in every practice.

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Gracie Barra Dana Point champions a holistic approach to strength. Our training enhances physical power, mental fortitude, and spiritual resilience, preparing students for life's arenas.

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Empowerment is at the heart of our classes in Dana Point. We equip you with essential self-defense skills, fostering a sense of strength and assurance inside and outside the dojo.

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At Gracie Barra Dana Point, we nurture your journey toward self-assurance. Every class enhances your confidence, providing a foundation for success in all life’s endeavors.

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Experience a unique sense of camaraderie at Gracie Barra Dana Point. Our dojo is a space of mutual respect, encouragement, and mentorship, where everyone grows together.

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Lot's of Fun!

Jiu-Jitsu is a journey of joy and challenge at Gracie Barra Dana Point! Each class is a mix of hard work and celebration, with each breakthrough shared and supported by the entire class.

Jiu-Jitsu: A Journey Beyond the Mat

Your Child Will Acquire Essential Life Skills

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At Gracie Barra Dana Point, we understand that Jiu-Jitsu is more than a sport — it’s a catalyst for personal development. Our Kids’ Jiu-Jitsu classes go beyond teaching physical techniques, serving as a foundation for young individuals to embrace values like respect and discipline. Within our dojo, children cultivate self-confidence, learn the significance of meticulous focus, and acquire skills in peaceful conflict resolution. But it doesn’t end there; we also foster an environment where effective teamwork and leadership are not just encouraged but lived. Step into a realm where martial arts and personal growth intertwine seamlessly, right here in Dana Point.

family jiu jitsu Dana Point
family jiu jitsu Dana Point
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Exploring the Layers of Our Kids' Courses

gracie barra kids
GBK tiny champions
GBK tiny champions

Tiny Champions

(3-4 yrs)

Introducing Jiu-Jitsu for our Little Champions aged 3 to 4! Our Tiny Champions class is designed to be interactive, fun, and engaging. They’ll enjoy warm-ups, technique demos, training, games, and valuable social skills. It’s the perfect age to start their jiu-jitsu journey with friends at Gracie Barra Dana Point. We can’t wait to welcome your little ones to the mats!

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GBK little champions 1
GBK little champions 1

Little Champions I

(5-6 yrs)

Enroll your child early in our preschool jiu-jitsu class at Gracie Barra Dana Point for boosted awareness, social skills, and martial arts knowledge. Our program, designed for 5 to 6-year-olds, lays a strong foundation for self-assuredness that goes beyond the classroom.

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GBK little champions 2
GBK little champions 2

Little Champions II

(7-9 yrs)

Our Brazilian jiu-jitsu program for kids aged 7 to 9 at Gracie Barra Dana Point is a great way to boost physical health and personal growth. Through challenging workouts and expert guidance, your child builds coordination, agility, and mental strength. They’ll also learn anti-bullying strategies for emotional well-being. This program instills the importance of fitness and a positive mindset, setting the stage for a healthier, more secure future.

juniors jiu jitsu program
GBK juniors and teens
GBK juniors and teens

Juniors & Teens

(10-15 yrs)

Our Jiu-Jitsu classes, tailored for juniors and teens aged 10 to 15 at Gracie Barra Dana Point, offer a secure and structured environment. Here, your child can interact with peers and adults who promote values like respect, discipline, and hard work. These classes boost physical development through rigorous exercise, instilling a goal-oriented mindset and a love for commitment. Our experienced instructors understand their unique needs and aim to instill confidence through consistent practice. Enroll your child today for growth in body, mind, and character to tackle life’s challenges.

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family jiu jitsu Dana Point
family jiu jitsu Dana Point

Unleash Your Full Potential

Discover Growth & Transformation Through Jiu-Jitsu


Children’s capacity to learn is astounding, absorbing new information with an ease that we, as adults, often envy. It’s not uncommon for parents to notice positive shifts in their children from the very first martial arts session they attend. Each subsequent class is a step forward, layering knowledge upon knowledge.

As they engage in martial arts, they’re not just boosting their physical health; they’re assimilating essential values like self-discipline and respect.

Enrolling your child in our classes does more than equip them with physical expertise. It opens a door to a world where their potential can truly flourish.

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In today’s digital world, shaping your children’s character goes beyond their immediate circle, considering the vast influences and potential hazards the internet can present.

The real advantage of our classes extends beyond martial arts techniques; it’s about forging character and success-oriented traits. As they master the art’s skills, guided by our inspiring instructors and surrounded by a supportive community of peers, your children will cultivate a comprehensive set of capabilities. Our environment is designed not just to teach martial arts, but to instill values and skills necessary for lifelong success.

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Let’s face it, with today’s diet and endless screen time, many children lack sufficient physical activity.

Our kids’ martial arts sessions are cleverly disguised fitness regimes teeming with enjoyment! They’re brimming with engaging activities, games, and drills that mask the repetitive nature of training.

While it’s vital for children to engage in physical exertion for health, good sleep, and holistic development, our classes play a crucial role in establishing the physical routines essential for their growth into health-conscious adults. Far beyond mere exercise, we’re setting the stage for a lifetime of wellness.

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Self-Defense & Anti-bullying

While we hope our children never have to use self-defense tactics in everyday life, their safety remains a paramount concern for every parent.

Our martial arts training takes this responsibility to heart, equipping kids with the skills necessary to protect themselves in various situations, from dealing with bullies to unexpected encounters with strangers.

However, self-defense is just one aspect. Our classes instill in your child the respect and self-discipline required to de-escalate conflicts non-violently when feasible, along with the discernment to understand when physical self-defense is the sole option for safety. This holistic approach ensures your child is prepared for life’s uncertainties.

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Remember, kids will be kids, and they’re entitled to have a blast! While we can’t speak for their regular school experience, we can confidently say your child will find joy and excitement in our martial arts classes.

Crafting a class that maintains a balance between learning, respect, discipline, and fun is no small feat, but that’s precisely what we’ve achieved. Our sessions are bursting with creative activities and games to ensure your kids are continuously engaged and evolving, never finding a dull moment.

Moreover, it’s an excellent opportunity for them (and you!) to forge friendships with other students in a positive, healthy atmosphere. Our dojo is a community where smiles, positive energy, and camaraderie are in abundance.

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family jiu jitsu Dana Point
family jiu jitsu Dana Point

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, it can. Martial arts is a structured practice that requires and nurtures self-discipline and focus. Children with ADHD often benefit significantly as the consistent routines provide an outlet for their energy while promoting a sense of calm and control. Our instructors are skilled in channeling hyperactivity into positive physical activity and mental resilience.

Not at all. Rooted in self-defense, martial arts promotes peace and conflict resolution. Children are educated on the importance of non-violent strategies and understand that physical aggression is a last resort.

While some children may initially hesitate, the dynamic and engaging nature of martial arts often captures their interest. The discipline instills a sense of coolness and adventure, motivating them to persevere through challenges.

Jiu Jitsu is more than physical training; it’s mental refinement. By learning discipline, respect, and the value of concentration, children develop skills that reflect positively in their academic lives, helping them focus on their studies and disregard trivial distractions.

No, there’s no need for concern. Our seasoned instructors are adept at guiding children of every skill level, ensuring they progress at their own comfort and secure their physical well-being in a safeguarded setting.

Absolutely. Jiu-Jitsu takes children on a journey through which they earn tangible results for their efforts. Each milestone achieved on the mats translates into a confidence boost, encouraging them to trust in their abilities and aspire to greater challenges.

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