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Dana Point gives new meaning to the phrase “Jiu Jitsu Family”


For the past two months several parents of our kids have decided that after sitting and watching their kids train, they are going to try a class. Since that time we have had four sets of parents that have joined up and started training, along with coach Fernando’s wife Paula the noon class on Monday and Wednesday has become a family event. To make the class a official family event it is taught by non other then Professor Flavio and his wife Coach Vivi which is something extremely rare to see, a husband and wife teaching class together.

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Gracie Barra Dana Point has always been a very family friendly environment, but never like this having so many couples on that mat at the same time as well each of those couples having kids that train at the night. The atmosphere since has been so amazing with everyone having everyone come together and taking that leap out of their comfort zone to try new things. IMG_6710

Not only has it been great having all of the couples training along side the normal students that were already training but, it has developed into a nice class for women as well. With all of the moms training now they have built a small women’s class along side of the guys and it is great because it gives women that are not comfortable training with guys a chance to learn and train with other women as well.

Only time will tell if these four sets of parents will inspire other parents  to get out of their comfort zone and try new things, but for now everyone of the parents have received their first stripe on their white belt and loving every minute of training. We hope other will see and realize Jiu Jitsu truly is for everyone photo (41)



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