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Insight Wisdom On Leadership From Professor Flavio

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Leadership In BJJ

What does leadership mean to you? Have you ever considered the child’s game follow the leader?  The leader just doesn’t come out of nowhere but they must rise up to be the leader.

In an article on, Michael Josephson gives a leadership parable that a student wrote.  This article portrays a story of a boy that rides the bus everyday.  Everyday no one communicates with each other, they mostly keep to themselves.  Until one day, an elderly man named Benny started taking the bus.  He would say hello to the bus driver but no reply.  Until the 5th day, the bus driver finally said hello back along with his name.  Right after that, everyone started talking to each other, it was just like follow the leader.  Benny was the leader on friendship and everyone else followed.

This is a great parable on how important the positive behavior of each individual plays an important role on the overall culture of a group. That applied to our Jiu-Jitsu school means we are all responsible for shaping the positive culture of our team and is that culture that will nurture our growth as martial artists and fighters.

At Gracie Barra  one of the things that stand out is the support each student receives from all others. We all know there is no way to learn Jiu-Jitsu without a training partner so it is best for everyone to embrace the “I will help you attitude” instead of the “I will beat you attitude”

If anyone is interested in learning martial arts, he or she must not only look for the best instructor in town but also for the best training partners and environment. At Gracie Barra Dana Point, we work everyday to foster a positive and mutual supportive culture where students are not competing with one another but rather helping each other achieve levels of performance that they could never do on their own.  At Gracie Barra, we expect each student to be leaders like Benny. Each one of us must nurture the culture that nurtures our growth.

See you on the mats.

Flavio Almeida

Head Instructor

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