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Ways Jiu-Jitsu Parents Can Show Your Child You Love Them


Ways Jiu-Jitsu Parents Can Show Your Child You Love Them

If you have ever seen the Lion King, the scene below where Mufasa and Simba have a talk after Simba almost gets killed by the Hiyenas is such a profound scene.  Mufasa represents a father that is a role model, understanding, vulnerable as well as a perfect example of a father that is unconditionally loving.  Mufasa represents a father that unconditionally loves his child even though Simba wronged Mufasa.

As a parent that practices Jiu-Jitsu or even have children that is involved in Jiu-Jitsu.  How many times have our child wronged us (not listen, disobedient…etc)?  If you are an honest parent, most likely your answer would be everyday.  But as a parent, how do you respond?  I am sure some of us are guilty of getting angry at times. But how can we show our child that we love them everyday, in the good as well as the bad times?  On we found a resource on ways we can show our children that we love them.

  • Unconditionally
  • Make it a priority to spend time with your child
  • Tough love
  • Love your child as who they are not who you desire them to be
  • Language of love
  • Affection
  • Special occasions
  • Teach them how to do things (Professor Dad)
  • Believe in them
  • Spiritually

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