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Athletic Tape, The Biggest Used Product In Jiu-Jitsu



  The Biggest Used Product In Jiu-Jitsu… Athletic Tape

“Athletic tape is the biggest product used in the gym.  Everyone uses it for so many different things.”- Coach Andrew Wooten

You heard it from Coach Andrew himself, that athletic tape is one of the biggest products used today in the gym.  You can use Athletic Tape for a variety of different things.

Top 5 List Of Ways To Use Athletic Tape

  1. Tape your fingers, so your finger tips don’t get burnt.
  2. Cover up cuts.
  3. Tape fingers together in case they were hurt.
  4. Tape your injured wrists, ankles and toes.
  5. Stripes for your belts.

*You can purchase this product at most sport stores (Sports Authority, Dicks Sporting Goods, Big 5, Walgreens) or you can buy in bulk online for a cheaper cost.

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