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Achiving your personal best Through Jiu-Jitsu Competiton

As more And more of our students get interested in participating in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, our schools and team of instructors is creating a structure and special training sessions to support their preparations.

Professor Flávio Almeida has been working with our instructor and some of our athletes to define the best times for classes, establish a consistent training regimen and, most important, develop a set of guidelines to guide our work and efforts in martial arts tournaments.

“I like to begin anything with the end in mind. When I start something, a dedicate my self entirely and I can only do that if I know I am heading in a direction that is not only good for me but for the team. It took us a few weeks of work, brainstorming and talking to many team members to come up with the following:

GB JiuJitsu Team Purpose Statement:

To achieve our personal best in Brazilian JiuJitsu, training for and participating in tournaments as a means to excel our skills, athleticism, and fighting spirit.

CompTeam 10 Guiding Principles:
We focus on preparation and effort rather then results;
We focus on achieving our personal best instead of being better then others;
We support each other and grow as a team;
We learn from our mistakes;
We train hard but most important we train smart;
We support our schools by giving back to other students teaching them all we learn;
We display great sportsmanship and respect towards our adversaries and referees;
We represent the Gracie Barra Legacy;
We maintain a healthy balance in our life between family, career, school, and competition.
We have fun!

We will soon announce all Comoetion classes and training regimen for our JiuJitsu athletes.


GB Dana Point Team


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