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Self-Defense Against What? – Our Head Instructor discusses life lessons on a headlock escape


The need to learn self defense is related to a instinct of protection present all all human beings.

We don’t like to feel vulnerable in anyway.

Knowing we are equipped with what it takes to protect yourself or your family is very empowering and leads to a higher feeling of self confidence and completion.

In modern society though we are much more vulnerable to greater evils such as bullying, depression, stress, diabetes, obesity, etc than we are to brawler at a bar or a thief on a dark street.

So we need to ask ourselves, self defense against what?

Lets be honest, what are the chances of being in a physical fight with someone in a place like Orange County?

Unless you are searching for it, chances are pretty minimal.

So I ask again, self defense against what?

The beauty of being skilled in self defense techniques is that in the process if learning them, you will also learn important moral principles that will make you better prepared to protect your self against greatest threats like the ones mentioned above.

The self Confidence boost mixed up with principles of good nutrition, care for your body, mutual support, goal setting, resilience and desire to win that is closely related to the desire to survive can very well impact all areas of your life.

The head-lock escape is just a metaphor to show there is a way through everything that stand between who you are and who you would like to be.

See you on the mats.

Professor Flávio Almeida

At Gracie Barra Dana Point we teach the Gracie Self Defense System on All Levels Classes 6 days a week. Click here to sign up for a free introductory Self Defense Class

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