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Dana Point Jiu-Jitsu Lessons for Life: Where Are you? When are you?

I Am Here. I am Now

By Prof. Flavio Almeida

Often we find ourselves wondering about the past or hoping for the future. Sometimes we wish things were different. Other times we hope we could do it better.

It is part of our nature to be “pre-occupied” with what has happened and what is to come. I read once this is a natural quality that has allowed human beings to be so successful as a race. That “pre-ocupation” allows us to learn and grow from past mistakes and plan ahead to do better in the future.

It would not be a problem if the “pre-ocupation” did not disturb our ability to seize each moment and commit ourselves to what is in front of us, right here and right now.

As a Jiu-Jitsu instructor, business owner, and as an athlete, I have experienced enough to conclude that  one’s inability to let go and commit fully to the present moment is a major cause of under performance and frustration.

I often see students failing to progress because their mind is too busy wondering if he or she is good enough to learn it or do it. Unfortunately, they let past failures catch up with them generating emotional insecurities that damage their ability to focus on the task right in front of them.

The study of martial arts, allows an individual to become more conscious of  the task in hand. Fighting triggers a survival instinct that typically puts students in a mental zone where they lose connection to anything beyond the here and the now. Even the perception of time changes and an hour goes by in what feels like 10 minutes.

GB Dana Point Martial Arts Professor Competing on BJJ Tournament

That's me in the "Zone" during a BJJ Tournament. Nothing else was in my mind but the task in hand.

I believe the increased awareness and ability to focus on the task in hand to be one of the main benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It is a source of the power of the martial artist and a skill he must continuously develop every practice.

If properly nurtured, the focus on the task in hand can trescends the Jiu-Jitsu practice and positivally affect all areas of one’s life.

Where are you? When are you?

See you on the mats,

Professor Flavio Almeida

Head Instructor, Gracie Barra Dana Point Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu


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